Novel Neuro Diagnostics and Therapeutics

A neurological examination is the assessment of sensory neuron and motor responses, mainly the reflexes in order to determine if the nervous system is impaired. This mainly includes a physical examination and a review of the patient's medical history but not deeper investigation such as neuroimaging. It can be used as a screening tool when there is no expected neurological deficit as well as an investigative tool when you do expect to find abnormalities. If a problem is found in either of these processes then further tests can be carried out to focus on other aspects of the nervous system disorders. Novel therapeutics deals with the recent treatment strategies like therapeutic brain stimulation (electric and magnetic), tau-based strategies in treating neurodegenerative diseases, anti-amyloid therapy, as well as comprehensive treatment, therapeutic dilemmas in multiple sclerosis and future research directions in brain disorders. Neurosurgery is also a significant topic which is under research for bringing out further cure and solutions. Treatment of psychological and neurological issues is combined as Neuro-therapeutics. In spite of surgical methods other therapeutic methodologies are being used widely for neuronal damage and various other neuropsychological, neuropharmacological issues. These remarkable advances in aspects like animal models, genetics, biomarkers and drug discovery have led to the development of novel neurotherapeutics

  • Neuroimaging
  • Diagnostic Tests for Neurological Disorders
  • Experimental NeuroTherapeutics.
  • Neuropharmaceutics
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Neurotransmitters, Neuroreceptors and Neuromodulators
  • Clinical significance of Blood Brain Barrier

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